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1CLOUDS features powerful and highly flexible system administration capabilities that allow users to manage data access privileges, user groups and audit trails. It offers visual “at-a-glance” dashboards that integrate multiple data points into key indicators essential for effective management.

1CLOUDS provides customizable configurations for data access and menu privileges, and empowers agencies for more efficient staff management by providing easy-to-use scheduling and detailed activity reports.

It provides hassle-free fiscal and operational accountability as it auto-generates a number of standard and mandated documents including PIR reports and immunization compliance reports.

Mobile Attendance Management

Attendance and meal tracking with a touch of a button

Attendance managment is a breeze with this new innovative system that allows parents to sign their children in and out with a touch of a button. Teachers can easily manage meals, outings and reports for children using the electronic signing feature.

The system enables a paperless classroom environment but also offers flexible manual options. It prepares attendance reports by year, month, center, classroom and program that fulfill all state and federal attendance reporting requirements.

In fact, 1CLOUDS is the only system that offers completely electronic forms and verification process tested and approved by the State of California CDE.

User Friendly Design

Its lightening-speed and intuitive user interface provides users with superb experience unmatched by any other web-based Head Start software.

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