IVR and Mobile Features

1Clouds provides an IVR system to automate a portion of interaction between teacher and parents that is repetitive in nature. 1Clouds' attendance app supports iPhone, iPad, Android and Microsoft Surface mobile devices for attendance and meal tracking.

Interactive Voice Response System

We value the safety of children the highest, and have implemented an IVR system to interact with parents to track child attendance in timely manner. This feature relieves providers' difficulty in contacting parents one by one, and automatically contacts parents and updates child attendance information.

Mobile Text Support

We have extended the interactive voice response system to mobile texts. Clouds interacts directly with parents via mobile texts either one-by-one or in bulk. It saves providers' time to look up phone numbers and type text messages every single time and lets them focus on quality of care.

Attendance Tracking

Children attendance records may be easily tracked on mobile devices, removing the hassle of entering the data in desktop computers


Parents' signatures are recorded for sign-in and sign-out events for safety reasons.

Meals Count Recording

Meals counts may be conveniently kept in mobile devices.