1Clouds provides automated IVR, email and text messaging system to automate a portion of interaction between teacher and parents that is repetitive in nature. 1Clouds' attendance app supports iPhone, iPad, Android and Microsoft Surface mobile devices for attendance and meal tracking.


Set up custom hotlines to streamline your enrollment process, daily information, menus, or whatever your agency wants to utilize. Calls get recorded in 1CLOUDS for easy follow up.

Family Communication

1CLOUDS is truly a one-stop do-it-all system, as you can send messages to families in multiple modes: 1 family or a group, and choose whether you send a text, email, or automated voice message based on the family's preference.

Attendance Treatment

Head Start standard 1302.16 states that providers must atttempt to contact the parent within 1 hour of the child's designated start time if the child does not show up. 1CLOUDS takes care of that time-consuming task by automating a text message to the adult on file for that child. The parent or adult then has the ability to reply whether or not that child is absent for the day, why they are absent, or it they are simply running late.