What is 1Clouds ?

1Clouds is a child care management system that provides various services ranging from childcare data management to smart reporting online.

1Clouds Basic Functions

It is very costly to maintain the personal information of many students and parents. 1Clouds offers systemic and flexible ways to maintain these types of private information in a very cost-effective means. 1Clouds is a one-stop solution for all of your organization's needs in childcare management.

1Clouds offers built-in basic features as well as add-on features to be selected by the users. When you need a new function, all you need to do is just add that function to your current setting. This flexible billing based on utilization means more cost effectiveness for your organization.

1Clouds User Experience

1Clouds is an online data management system of children and parents, including attendance, monitoring and/or other various aspects of the childcare management, in a very simple and cost-effective way. This comprehensive suite of childcare management tools is just a click away!

1Clouds Solution

1Clouds is built with cutting-edge technologies in user interface, data mining and mobile computing.